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Smart Transfer

Get yourself mobile with The Smart Transfer

The Smart Transfer Person Lift is designed to smoothly transfer users from a wheelchair directly into a standard car seat, meaning there’s no need to change your vehicle. Strong, versatile and easy to detach when not in use, the Smart Transfer Person Lift can also be used with the Smartbase for use in the home, on holiday or even in the office.


  • Lifts people onto the standard car seat in virtually any make or model of vehicle
  • Simple to install, assemble and operate
  • No extra lifting required
  • Can lift up to 23.5 stone (150kgs)
  • Can be used in and around the home with the Autochair Smartbase, ask for details

How the Smart Transfer Works

1. Place the sling on the seat

2. Securely attach the sling to the four-point lifting attachment

3. Press the up button and then guide the person into the car

4. Unclip the sling and stow the lift ready for travel


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